240,000 steps, 24,000 calories, 2 toe nails (and counting), 197 miles and almost £7,000

Yep, as it says, I am just a little over £200 away from reaching £7,000 in sponsorship for the Brain Tumour Charity. Staggered, stunned and extremely grateful are only a handful of the emotions I feel, as my initial target was an overly ambitious £5,000.

More than a month after completing my challenge, I’m not sure it’s really sunk in. People keep asking me how I am, if I’ve fully recovered, if I’m running again, if I can believe I did it. It’s surreal, because even while I did it, it didn’t feel like I’d done it. Each day was so hard, so all-consuming and so exhausting, that each day felt like something unique. I then ate and slept while my incredible support duo ran around and made everything else happen. Then I got up, and it was a new day, in a new location, with a whole host of new challenges.

On the physical side I think I’m doing ok. I was shattered for the week after in a bone-weary, full body exhausted kinda way. But I felt like that before training and blamed work, during training and blamed well, training, and then during my challenge. As part of my post-challenge recovery I visited my GP who not only prescribed antibiotics for my two infected toes, but also referred me for tests for a general health check. Turns out I have low iron levels, which is of no consequence to anything except explains my continued tiredness and why I was quite so drained during my challenge!!

As for the toes… I thought I’d escaped the worst! The antibiotics healed them very quickly, and only my trench foot toe lost its toe nail. Until this week. Suddenly I’ve lost another and I can recognise the pattern to see that two others are not far behind. As for my purple toe nail, I’m delightfully assured that will follow – so it will be five in total! Apparently they’ll grow back by Spring. Maybe.

I miss running though. Crazy thought – and one I never thought I’d have. Tiredness, chaotic work, continuing pain with my achilles and dodgy toes has stopped me going back out, but I think maybe they’re just excuses. The reality, I think, is that I’m maybe scared. Can you get PTSD for exercise?! Last time I ran, it hurt, my feet fell off in chunks and I cried. A lot. I don’t fancy repeating that! However, I do want to get back on that horse, and so one day soon will work my way up to trying a 5k.

And so, this is the blog’s end.

On a whim I decided to do something big, something challenging, and do it for someone so very special and incredible.

I burnt 24,000 calories, ran 240,000 steps / 197 miles, crossed three counties (or was it four?!), climbed numerous peaks, took more unflattering photos than I thought possible, met some incredible people, saw some amazing sights, rediscovered the meaning of true love and friendships and raised almost £7,000 for the Brain Tumour Charity.

Thank you for reading this and supporting me.

I bloody did it.

E x

PS. For those who haven’t yet sponsored me and fancy pushing me to £7,000 then hey, it would be rude not to repost my link one last time…! I might as well try…  http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/EmilyJParsons


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