T-1, final preparations and yet more generosity…

This is it.

Tomorrow is D-Day. Months of planning, months of preparation, months of training all come down to the next seven days. I’m not sure what’s ahead of me, but I wanted to say my ‘thank yous’ now, to ensure I get it right!

Many people I’m sure dismissed it when I first mentioned my challenge, others may have thought ‘nice idea, if it comes off’. To all those who have backed me and made this possible, thank you.

To every single business who has stepped up and helped me, this genuinely wouldn’t be possible without you. Sainsbury’s supplied some food the other day, becoming the latest business to back me in a long line… Ruth added everything from whey sachets to cashew butter to my goody bag! I’m so grateful….


CN Group also donated towards my fuel, and a former colleague of my mum’s also made a generous donation. Thank you both.

But more importantly, to every single person who has liked my posts, shared them, and commented, you’ve kept this going. Having your unwavering support has helped me.

To every person who has sponsored me so far, this is why I’m doing it: my total stands at £3,500, but is now well in excess of £4,000 with gift aid – thanks Nick Turner for taking me over that milestone.

A massive enormous, unbelievable thanks goes to Mark Aston and Ast Signs for turning around my amazing signs for the camper van and clothing for our fundraising night in pretty much a matter of hours. Your staff are wonderful, the end result is better than I ever dared hope, and can only boost my fundraising. Thank you doesn’t come close!


And thank you for the little things: the amazing neighbours I don’t know that well who hand-delivered their homemade honey to sustain me and then gave a generous donation; the card from my colleagues; the silver trainer charm for my charm bracelet which was a surprise gift in the post from the ever-gorgeous Annalise; the daily inspirational/motivational quotes from Rach herself; the phone calls, texts, messages and other cards wishing me well; and the words of support from Helen Skelton and message from the paper.

And finally, thanks mum and Damian. I know this has taken over your lives as much as mine. Tomorrow is the beginning – and the countdown to the end! Thank you both, more than I’ll ever be able to say.

I’m up at 5am to eat my first breakfast, before we’re on the road to St Bees at 6am. Planning to arrive by 7.30am at the latest for a proper warm up and snack, then preparation to leave at 8am. First leg is about 14 or so miles before I meet the support team.

Someone will update Twitter, Facebook or the blog throughout the week…

Here goes nothing!

E x


2 thoughts on “T-1, final preparations and yet more generosity…

  1. Good luck Emily you are fantastic – have just managed to read what you are undertaking – have a safe journey will be thinking of you – say hello to my handsome son – Lots of love from Australia Anne xxx


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