Sleepless nights, Unbelievable Generosity #7, T-5 and F-11

Sleepless nights

As part of my final week, I’m trying to be strict with my sleep as well as other things.

And so, at 9.30pm I get an alert to remind me to make my way to bed – in the hope I can be asleep by 10pm and sleep nine hours until 7am.

Now anyone who knows me knows sleep is one area I rarely have an issue with! I’m always tired – which is why getting plenty of rest now is so vital. Apart from the fact it’s 9.40pm and I’m still typing this, I’m in bed at a reasonable time and swiftly asleep….

….only to be awake throughout the night and then at 6am! Perils of too much to think about! It’s just typical, what I’d give to be in bed so early at any other time!

Unbelievable Generosity #7

While I have a camper van, offering nutritional support, carrying gear etc, I will also have a support bike alongside (probably in front of me!) for large parts of it, where accessible.

The bike being ridden has already accompanied me for hundreds of miles of training runs, and so when we realised it was coming with me for many more cross-country miles we realised it probably needed a bike MOT.

We put out an appeal for help and, thanks to the wonderful Tara Vallente, Cyclewise stepped up! We’ve used the company before when hiring bikes at Whinlatter Forest and have always been impressed, but had never used their technicians.

Amy sorted it all and Ed ably took on the challenge with his team – see some of them below!


We cannot thank them enough!

The bike has been given a full health check: they tightened, tweaked, lubricated, greased and balanced everything they could…. and then even washed it afterwards! It hasn’t looked so good since the day it was bought, and just means there is another weight off our minds that I have good, stable and reliable support at all times.

Thanks Cyclewise!

T-5 and F-11

Five days to go but, as Rach has taken to optimistically telling me, it’s also now 11 days until I finish!

E x


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