T-6 & Unbelievable Generosity #6

It’s the daily countdown, so T-6…

Everything is taking over and becoming so real: every meal is calculated on its protein or carbohydrate content. (Tonight’s Moorish lamb with infused rice with pistachio, cranberry and cardamon was AMAZING!) The freezer is also filled with healthy ‘treats’ for pre, during and post challenge.

Unbelievable Generosity #6

As a part of the weekend hike, we were also testing out our nutrition at different times of day and energy levels.

Which brings me on to my latest thanks!

What was undoubtedly the very best energy boost were the snack-sized packets of Jelly Belly beans tucked into my pockets, courtesy of Friars in Keswick.

This gorgeous sweet and chocolate shop is a favourite of ours anyway when we pop into Keswick (and our visitors always leave armed with gifts), but when Michael kindly offered to order in and donate 100 mini packets of jelly beans to provide emergency sugar boosts on my trek he rocketed to my all-time favourite sweet shop EVER!

It certainly gave me the boost my body – and mind! – definitely wanted after a 780m ascent. Let’s hope it can propel me through the 200 miles!!

Thanks Michael!

E x


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