Strava: friend or enemy

This is one of those ultra geeky running type posts, that only anyone who regularly, runs, cycles or swims might properly get. Everyone else, stop reading now, honestly, you’ll only put yourself off ever reading this blog again!

I’ve been writing this post in my head for weeks. It begins every time I get about a mile into my run and start checking my time.

I start to calculate my pace per km, my pace per mile, how long it will take me to complete 5km or 10km or five miles or my 18-mile route or whatever it is.

And then I start to criticise myself and wonder what other people will make of my time, and how I compare.

And then I start to assume they’ll be questioning why I think I can run at such a snail’s pace, or with such a bad pace, or who I’m kidding that I can run across the country…

It’s been really tough to change that mindset, and I’m not certain I’ll ever completely manage it. However, I’ve come to realise that with this challenge, the reality is I simply need to get to the end of each day – however long it takes – and then get to the end of the next… until eventually I’m crossing the finish line of the Great North Run!!

Not sure what the point of this blog actually is, but I guess to get it off my chest…. and make sure no one judges me (out loud at least) for my times!!

E x


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