Quick one…

Yep, I failed with the catchy title!

Not much time, but felt I should let you know we’re back on track (or only slightly off-course).

Kerry Singleton, the master that is, has restored my leg to almost health, and in the past week or so I’ve managed three mile, five mile, seven mile, 10 mile and five mile runs. I hobble like an old woman for the first couple of miles in a fair amount of pain, but once the muscles get over themselves I’m good to keep running!

I’ve also been fairly active through conversations with The Brain Tumour Charity, and yesterday they put out a press release on me! Very odd being on the other side, but I have appeared on a couple of websites and even got interviewed for a local commercial radio station! I was the star of their 5pm bulletin, I’ll have you know…

The Brain Tumour Charity’s Facebook post was so beautiful written and lovely, that even I loved it! Read it here.


Ultimately, as much as I dislike being the centre of attention, it’s not about me. I am doing this to raise money – and as much money as possible – because if I don’t, then why am I putting myself through all this?!

My total is creeping closer to £1,700 but I so desperately want to smash that…

E x


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