Never give up…

The absence of blog probably tells you more than any blog content could – especially in light of my last post re injury.

I’d tried to run home from work on that Wednesday and failed. I’ll be honest, it was tough mentally at that point. I had less than six weeks until beginning my challenge and was struggling to walk, let alone run.

The thought of failing terrified me, knowing all the people I’d be letting down. I have one shot at this, one time, and I have to be fit.

For once (!) I decided to listen to the advice though. Ice every morning before work, ice several times a night. Ibuprofen to keep the inflammation down. Ibuprofen gel before bed on the sore spot. More ice. More rest…

I’ve also become a sucker for a ‘this might work…’ suggestion. I’m trying new stretches, old stretches, physio pilates stretches, foot massage, ultrasound and compression sleeves. I don’t care whether it works in only a minority of cases, I’ve embraced them all – put together lots of minorities and surely you end up with a majority??

All of this has also been helped by the miracle physio Kerry. She had already kindly offered to help during the week of my run, but has been my support. Not only has she seen me on every Monday since – squeezing me into lunch hours when necessary – but has offered advice, support, guidance and even weekly text messages checking on me. I am truly, unbelievably and eternally grateful to her and honestly believe I wouldn’t be at the point I am now without her.

And so, on Sunday (two weeks since my last run) I tried a three mile jog. I planned to walk and jog in equal measures, but kept speeding off and had to be slowed down by D. It hurt to run, I won’t lie, but it wasn’t unbearable. Downhills jarred more, so I walked those, but it was a start.

I saw Kerry on Monday and asked her to show me how to tape my leg – another desperate attempt to help – and used that technique to run tonight. She also asked me what the pain score was out of 10. I gave a conservative 3 to 4 – with 5 downhill. She later told me some people believe if the pain is less than 4 out of 10 you’re ok to keep running. So I did.

Ta da – miracle taper… I almost look like an athlete. Oh how looks can be deceiving…


Anyway, this evening I ran just under 5.5 miles. And it felt good. It hurt to start, and I had to consciously adjust my gait – I was favouring my sore leg and taking abbreviated strides, putting more pressure on my other leg/hip – but I could run through it. I spent the whole time thinking about the leg, but I managed a respectable pace (albeit slower than previous short runs) and am happier!

It throbs dully now, so ice and ibuprofen in bed, but I’m confident to try an eight miler next, and then a 12 in a desperate attempt to get up some distance again.

All of this has made me realise how much I want to do this. How scared I am of failure.

Whatever happens, come hell or high water, I WILL be setting off on Monday, September 4 and I WILL be arriving in Newcastle on Saturday, September 9 in time for the Great North Run the next day. Even if I’m crawling!

E x


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