The Route!

Yep, this is it… all mileage is approximate and could fluctuate by a couple of miles in either direction – depending on detours, getting lost, taking “low routes” instead of “high routes” and how direct I am.

If this doesn’t make you want to sponsor me, I don’t know what will!

(And if you do want to sponsor me, you can helpfully just follow this link….

Day 1. Monday, September 4

St Bees to Borrowdale = 29 miles


Day 2. Tuesday, September

Borrowdale to Burn Banks = 31 miles


Day 3. Wednesday, September 6

Burn Banks to Kirkby Stephen = 26 miles


Day 4. Thursday, September 7

Kirkby Stephen to Richmond = 35 miles


Day 5. Friday, September 8

Richmond to Ferryhill = 25 miles


Day 6. Saturday, September 9

Ferryhill to Newcastle = 22 miles


Day 7. Sunday, September 10

Newcastle to South Shields = 13.1 miles


E x

PS. Avoiding the subject of injury etc. Ordered some compression sleeves to try and see if they relieve symptoms enough to run. Otherwise, ice it is.


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