Unbelievable Generosity #3

When contemplating finding accommodation for each of the nights, we always assumed it would be more straightforward to find the places in Cumbria, and that we’d struggle outside the county.

How wrong we were proven!

Within hours of Katie at Nelson Barn responding, Andrew Marshall of the Manor House Hotel, in Ferryhill, had also replied offering support.

This 16th-century listed building is not only giving me a room for the night, but has actually reserved a triple room so mum doesn’t spend the night in the camper van! And all of this without hesitation, from a hotel outside of Cumbria.

(She does have some slight fears, as this beautiful building has featured on television… in Britain’s Most Haunted! But we’re hoping they’ll be friendly spirits…!)

manor house hotel

And, as if that wasn’t enough, Andrew is also looking into the possibility of a fundraiser to boost my total that night.

It just reaffirms my faith in humanity and people.

Ferryhill is my final stop before Newcastle, and so I will arrive tired, weary but hopefully with some optimism the end is in sight!

Asked why he was supporting me, this is what Andrew said.

“Touched by the brave fundraising efforts that your are going to in support of your friend Rachel, Gareth, Andrew and all at the Manor in Ferryhill will be delighted to welcome you.

“We absolutely can’t imagine or begin to understand the challenges Rachel and you are facing, but are humbled by the strength shown.

“Along with our regular customers, we look forward to welcoming you and supporting you in your fundraising effort, we hope to make a night to remember and support you in your brave fundraising efforts.”

Check out this lovely hotel here www.themanorhousehotel.co.uk

Thank you to all at the Manor House Hotel, I cannot wait to meet you all.

E x


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