Unbelievable Generosity #2

And so, onto my example of Unbelievable Generosity #2…

Chivers Sports is an independent sports shop in Carlisle. Established 72 years ago – FUN FACT: it was set up originally as a saddle-maker, but then it expanded into other sports gear – it is the go to place in the city for sportsmen and women, but especially runners.

Stuart and Gordon are brilliant. Don’t go in there in a hurry: these fantastic guys will spend up to two hours watching you run/jog/walk up and down their shoe room. Up and down. Up and down. They’ll watch your gait, the roll of your foot, the angle your leg bends at… Their eye for detail is exceptional and allows them to identify the perfect shoe for your running style, to prevent injury.

I’m fortunately a neutral runner, and take ‘normal’ shoes therefore, with no need for orthotics or insteps etc.

When I approached Gordon to ask if Chivers might be willing to help support me – my trainers are just being worn out and the sheer expense of the kit meant I was delaying replacing them – there was absolutely no hesitation.

Regardless of paying customers etc, he took more than an hour with me, allowing me to try on a whole host of different types of shoes until I found that perfect pair. And so I have my Hoka One One Challengers, suitable for ultra marathons (about 70-30 fell:road ratio).

I asked Gordon for a quote as to why they were so willing, and he was as bashful as ever. He was even forced into the pic!*

Gordon Steele

I did manage to get the below though…

Gordon Steele, from Chivers, said: “As an independent Carlisle business we are delighted to support Emily in her challenge.

“The right shoes can make all the difference to a runner – and Emily has a fair way to run, so we wanted to help her on her way.

It is a mammoth challenge but for a very worthy cause.”

Chivers is an amazing shop anyway, but their absolute willingness to step up and help me without a second thought is truly wonderful.

Thank you, so very much. As my previous blog New Shoes shows, they’ve made an incredible difference.

E x

* So, for those wondering why I look like I’ve just woken up in the pic…! I was on a week off work, and had to be at Chivers at 10am. One of our cats, Poppy, decided to howl on and off from 2am. At 5am, she started with gusto and I was trying to quieten her down while refusing to let her outside in case she thought she could try that trick every 5am. At 7.30am I booted her outside and lay on the bed. I contemplated setting an alarm, but as I can never go back to sleep…. well, you guessed it. D woke me with a chat at 9.30am to my horror! I literally jumped out of bed, into clothes and hared to the shop. No make up, barely a hairbrush… As you can tell!


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