Unbelievable generosity #1

So this week the HeadsUp Challenge started to get scarily real, as businesses and organisations have begun to step up and donate physical help.

I mentioned Chivers before, but I want to tie that in with an article I’m doing, so their moment of glory can wait. I am so eternally grateful each and every time someone says ‘yes’ or offers assistance, that I think each one deserves a blog post.

And so, it brings us to Unbelievable Generosity #1

Today is the first, and it is dedicated to Katie Mundy who runs Nelson Barn in Kirkby Stephen – the third checkpoint / night on my challenge.

Without hesitation, Katie responded to a plea for help from Pam (my amazing friend and work colleague who is doing the begging where I struggle). Not only has she offered to put up myself and D that night, she has offered us the entire use of the barn. Which has FOUR bedrooms, cot beds, kitchen, sitting room, outdoor space for the camper van and A BATH.

All of this means mum can also stay inside (and not in the camper van), and that night I can truly relax and recover with home-cooked food, a bath, sofa and comfy bed. There’s an additional personal offer, which I’ll let you know if it happens.

Nelson Barn is truly luxury accommodation and the thought of someone giving this up to me, free of charge, is outstanding. See the stunning pics below for a taster!

I asked Katie why she’d chosen to help me. Her response was so overwhelming, so touching, that I felt it only fair to share it in its entirety.

“The reason I’d like to offer my support is simple, I can’t possibly imagine how Rachel, her family, you and her close friends and colleagues are feeling but I know what it’s like when terminal illness strikes the ones we love most and how helpless it can make you feel.
“I know that I treasure my friends who are my family and am thankful everyday for the love and support we give to each other. Having your health and friends to me are the most valuable things in life.
“I know I could never run a marathon but I can lend a hand to help you support your dear friend and her family. I think what you are doing is amazing and it touched my heart.
“Good luck and I look forward to meeting you in September.”

I have never met Katie, had never heard of Nelson Barn and had no idea if anyone would step up and help out complete strangers. She has exceeded even my most optimistic expectations.

Thank you. I am grateful beyond words Katie, and cannot wait to meet you in September.

E x


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