Niggles, wiggles and few less jiggles!

Just a running update on where I’m at…

Last Wednesday I carried on my weekly run home from work, this time joined by Jenny who has often offered to run with me. She is far fitter than I am (fell running, smashing my Cumbrian Run time etc etc), but as any motivation is a bonus I took her up on the kind offer…. although I’m not sure it’s one she’ll be repeating in a hurry, as our temperature gauge clocked 24 degrees at 8pm plus humidity. Trust me, that’s not a common occurrence for Cumbria!

Despite the steady hill for more than six of the 8.5 miles home, Jen ploughed on beside me – and even took the Camelbak for the second half to ease my sweaty back. Suffice to say we both struggled to get air in our lungs – it was just thick soup-like air – and didn’t enjoy it. However, we did it and it was another training run knocked off so I’m immensely grateful to her for helping motivate me… even if it’s put her off ever running with me again! Now who’s my next victim, erm, friend?

Saturday saw me take on my longest run to-date, as I completed 14.75 miles. It wasn’t glamorous and certainly wasn’t fast. Unfortunately, I’m finding as I clock up the miles my body is niggling. Whether it’s aching feet, tight calves or sore knees there is something new after most runs. I just have to mentally assess if it’s a sheer exertion running niggle or something more serious.

My longest run brought with it my most extreme pain to date, as it felt like my hip was clicking out of joint up and down hills. It was sore building up to stabbing, shooting pain… but I found if I gave a hip wiggle, flick and leg kick I could make it click and carry on. And so, for a number of miles, D got the great view of me waving my arms in the air (somehow it helped) while shaking my backside and wiggling and kicking until it clicked and I could run again. It worked until I think the joint was too inflamed and I then just had to grit my teeth and press on home. It was a slow run therefore, but still the longest to-date and another step forward.

(I’ve since seen someone about my hip, and it seems my hip flexors and IT band were/are very tight so am hoping that work on that and some new stretches will keep me moving. More on the wonderful Martyna and the University of Cumbria students another day, as she deserves a post to herself.)

I planned to run Sunday but instead gardened and then knocked off six-and-a-bit miles on Monday. It’s all miles under the belt, and I am now viewing a six miler as my ‘short’ runs.

I’m tired today and stiff, but I think I may well have begun to reach that point of aching a lot and being more tired generally as I put my body under more pressure. I am however convinced that I jiggle less when I run, so every cloud……..

If I needed any real reminder of why I’m doing this though, we Facetimed the gorgeous Rach on her birthday at the end of last week. She’s sporting a lovely new chemo hairstyle and is as stunning as ever – even if miffed at having all her presents opened by Jennifer!

I do have some exciting sponsorship business news, but that can wait until after I get a photo tomorrow!

E x


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