A donkey goes best loaded…

… or a camel in this case!

Another key part of my training now is to begin introducing the kit I will be using on my run.

And so, for my birthday I was the grateful recipient of a Camelbak bag – this is essentially a lightweight bag with 3L water bladder inside and drinking tube. It should fit like a second skin and also has pockets for some running snacks, spray proof jacket, gloves and headband to ensure I can cover all fell-running weather eventualities.

For your pleasure (and my humiliation) this is my dressed to… well, wearing my bag!


I used it for the first time last Monday on my 12-mile route. It is great – fits really well and allows me to keep hydrated even when running alone. It will take some adapting to: when wearing it I find the first two, three or even four miles tough. Psychologically I struggle to get into the zone as I get used to the extra layer and the feeling of straps around my shoulders and chest. They’re not tight, but I feel like they MIGHT restrict my breathing, and so in turn it throws my breathing out. I’ve also had stiff shoulders and lower back since wearing it, as I again obviously hold my body slightly differently or stiffer, but that will ease with time.

HOWEVER… it appears my dainty delicate skin needs a little more toughening! I was accompanied for that first run by D on his bike and I did mention a couple of times that it was rubbing on my back a little. Turns out I’ve taken off multiple layers of skin (my left shoulder blade bearing the brunt) and am still trying to get over the friction burns. Still, that’s part of the reason for training with it from now, to toughen up and adapt.

I wore it home from work on Wednesday with a t-shirt and loosened one of the straps slightly. It was slightly rubbing, but to nowhere near the extent of Monday, so will keep working on how it fits best.

E x


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