Back in the swing of things

While my blog may have fallen by the wayside, this time my running hasn’t!

A quick recap: I ran several times more in Florida, but struggled each time. Either the heat or the humidity hit me. Just for complete humiliation purposes, below is a photo of me post-run one day. The red is sheer heat rather sunburn!


I did a few six and seven mile runs, but with temperatures like this:


it made it rather tough!

I opted to try another seven mile on the day that looked very overcast… when I stopped halfway and struggled to breathe, I realised the thick cloud was creating a humidity like I’d never experienced. Turns out it was 72% humidity and precipitated the mother of all thunderstorms including power cuts etc!

Since being back I had to rebuild the distance, which I’ve been managing gradually.

This week I’m almost back to the long distances (hopefully will be after today) but have also started increasing my mid-week runs. It’s key now to put my legs through their paces: they need to get used to being tired and stiff, and then being made to run again.

Boring running bit, but I ran 10 miles on Friday, three miles on Saturday, Sunday off (for my birthday), 12 miles on Monday, Tuesday off (after a wisdom tooth removed) and then 8.3 miles on Wednesday. That Wednesday run needs some particular recognition as, after 10 hours in the office, I then ran home!

E x


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