Life’s a beach…

So, after yesterday’s wallowing, self-pitying blog post I’ve decided to put it behind me. (Although not without a big thank you to my loyal cheer squad and recent addition of Wayne, who all worked hard to buoy me back up).

Last night we joined the 5k Fit 2 Run fun run group, heading from Main Street, Sarasota and across the Ringling Bridge and back. Himself most definitely did not want to do it, but with only limited grumbling insisted we did it and that he would set off with me.

In true American-style, everyone clapped and cheered when the woman greeted us. And cheered when she said there were free chocolate chip cookies afterwards (because it’s National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day). And all posed for a group 360 photo beforehand…

Pic is below – spot us looking like we’re in matching outfits!! It’s not a 360 however, as I’m useless and couldn’t embed it!


The run made all the difference… It may have only been 5k, but Himself and I set off together, running the first 2.5k at our steady pace, before I stepped it up slightly for the return. It was 31 degrees C last night when we ran and ridiculously humid – to give you an idea, the heavens opened and there was a torrential downpour within 30 minutes after we finished. It was tough, I was probably still too dehydrated and a little light-headed, but it reaffirmed something within me.

Afterwards, we were chatting with Bruce, an exceptionally friendly and excitable college professor who has twice lived in the UK. I was talking about the struggle to run, and his response? It’s the worst time of the year to even contemplate running – so anything is great. And with that, I felt better. I’m not incapable: I’m attempting to run in the same way, at the same pace, as I do in the UK. And it’s not gonna happen.

Bruce helpfully dug me out a list of all the weekly free runs, and there are loads! There’s a lovely 5k on a Thursday night too around a lake (although I’ll be in an Escape Room this week so no running) but the better 5-8milers are all at 5.30am. And I mean they set off running at 5.30am. Ulp. Really tempted…. I just need to learn to drive across the 57-lane highways (or so they seem).

So, three-and-a-half months to go… bring it on!

E x



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