Lessons learned

Myself and Himself are currently in Florida, while he carries out some consultancy work (yes, it’s a hard life…).

Two weeks away from the UK sadly doesn’t mean an escape from the tedium of training though…

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog front in terms of training, which you’ve probably translated correctly to mean I’ve failed.

Himself tells me I’m perhaps a little hard on myself, but twice now I have failed to complete my long Sunday run. The first time I had pulled my calf and felt decided pain shooting up my leg, so settled for a few days rest and then a few five milers during the week. The following weekend I didn’t quiet feel confident jumping straight to 14 miles after a week without the longer distance, so did 11.5 miles.

This weekend I failed again.

I had every intention of going for a good 12-14 mile run along the beach, but the heat defeated me. My first key lesson of Florida, is that setting off on a long run at 11.45am is NOT a good idea. Still running at 12.30pm is downright foolish. Attempting it all with only a 500ml bottle of water clutched in my hand was insanity. I ran the first three miles at a slower pace, but ultimately ended up walking an entire mile and walk/running a couple of others to trudge through a dismal 7.5 miles yesterday. Lesson learned!

However, we did run over the Ringling Bridge (the area’s only ‘hill’ as you go up the bridge!). It is simply stunning and seems to be the local landmark, so we’re at least pleased with that.

(Just to make sure it’s as stuck in everyone else’s head as it is mine, I can’t hear or say Ringling without hearing that stupid Crazy Frog song with the “Ring-a-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding”… You’re welcome!).

We’re hoping to join a local group tonight, who run 5k every Monday. They’re not affiliated, just a group of all-ability runners who meet weekly. It will fortunately be cooler then, I hope, so will let you know it goes!

The hotel also has a gym, and so I’ve begun trying to build up some of my other muscles too, as I’m very conscious this effort will take it out of every part of me.

E x


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