Run rabbit, run rabbit

The title of this blog post partly refers, obviously, to my running efforts, but also to the current residence of my toilet…. more on that later.

Yesterday I ran 13-miles for the third time in my life – the others being the Cumbrian Run and the Great North Run. And, because I’m a glutton for punishment, I carried on the extra 0.1-miles to make it half-marathon distance.

The time is actually better than I did the GNR, but a minute slower than the Cumbrian, so I must be doing something right. And there were a LOT of hills. Just look at my Garmin graphic! (Sorry, geeky moment for the runners.)

run hills

It should have been a tough one – because of Easter, last week’s 12-mile run was completed on Monday, while this week’s had to be yesterday as I’m working today. It gave me just four full days in between. But, listening to Wayne, I made sure on two of those days I ran. It might not be the mileage he hoped/expected/insisted on, but A 3.5 mile and a 4.5 mile didn’t seem too bad to me!

Yesterday’s run felt good. Himself accompanied me on his bike, carrying my water and offering moral support. He even got off and ran, with his bike, helmet and my water, along the one-mile incline which was my nemesis. His reasoning? To give me support and know I wasn’t alone. I’ve decided I’ll keep him!

After my week of running my legs do ache today though. Yes Wayne, I did warm up and stretch down, but I think it’s just general ‘what the hell are you doing to me?’ kind of aching.

For a lighter bit of non-running related news, we currently have Baby Bunny in our toilet. She (we decided she looked too cute to possibly be male!) was rescued from the Jaws of Death!

Our youngest cat Teddy, who is about 10-months-old, came prancing across the garden with Baby Bunny in her mouth. We ran out to rescue it, uncertain whether it was alive or not, as Teddy dropped her. We stepped closer and Teddy made to dart back… only to be chased away by our most bedraggled of ex-battery rescue chickens!

Baby Bunny lay very still and unmoving, so I had to gently roll her over to check for wounds. She wiggled her nose and shifted slightly, so was alive and without obvious wounds – although she has chunks of fur missing in places.

I picked her up, as she lay immobile, fearing the worst. I took one step into the house and, as the washing machine kicked into life, she went scampering up my shoulder to hide!

We put a box on its side, filled with straw, and Himself grated a plate of carrot and put down a little dish of water. We decided the best place was the toilet (washable floors and free from the four cats!) and so, after stuffing towels behind the toilet so she doesn’t get stuck in there, we left her for the night.

This morning she is very cuddly (snuggles into my hands) and has eaten all the carrot. Need to check her over properly for injuries before working out what to do with her.

Meet Baby Bunny:



E x


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