Highway to Hell-p!

A pre-warning, this blog post is quite blatantly an excuse to include videos of AC/DC and Queen…

As my legs start to ache, the wind is pushing me backwards, my knees are giving out and the rain is spitting in my eyes, my iPod really comes into its own. Usually – and I kid you not – it is AC/DC’s Highway to Hell which comes on and kicks me on through the pain.

A comment by Rach the other day sparked a discussion on the best songs to run to. She suggested Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop me Now’ as the one she herself used to power through the wall when she did the Great North Run and other running challenges.

I can’t listen to quiet music – I need to drown out the sound of my own breathing, otherwise I start to worry I can’t breathe and inevitably end up unable to breathe! – and need something with a beat or a tempo to it to step things up a gear. I’ve found old school rock, ska, punk and even some thrash is quite good at keeping me going.

I’m getting bored of listening to the same songs though – and as I run more and more often and further and further, I’ll hear them even more frequently – and so was wondering if anyone can help me with running suggestions?!

All greatly appreciated…

E x


2 thoughts on “Highway to Hell-p!

  1. You’re doing brilliant and am so proud. It’s not easy the amount of hills around Cumbria as all look vertical but keep going. I listen to ‘Rage against the machine’ it’s crazy and certainly takes your mind off everything. Xxx


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