Eating to success

Anyone who knows my mother knows that food plays a key part of her life! The word foodie was made for her… while D sits and reads car reviews, she sits and reads recipes.

Mum also believes that you can eat your way to anything.

Feeling bloated after dinner? Drink mint!

Feeling the effects of the menopause? Eat soya yoghurt.

Swollen joints or arthritis? Eat beetroot.

The list goes on…

With that in mind, she’s taken her role as support vehicle driver and feeder very seriously! Mum has already evaluated what I eat (or don’t) and decided I need a dietary overhaul.

In the longterm I predict being very grateful! It’s already having its benefits, as she has made me up some ‘power flapjacks’. I’m fairly certain she simply googled high protein, carbohydrate and energy foods and then baked them all in a flapjack, but it tastes good. It means I have a power bar jammed with flax, chai, oats, apple, dried cranberries, dried apricots, currants, flaked almonds and much more to help keep my energy levels up.


I did ask when I should eat it and her answer was: “After a run, to replace your energy. And before it, to give you energy. And on a day when you’re not running, to keep up your energy.” Basically, I think she just wants me to eat them! They are, however delicious so I shall happily oblige!

Flapjack day also provided an opportunity to use one of those ‘life hacks’ which forever pops up on Facebook, but which I never put into practice! We have individually wrapped a dozen or so of the bars in greaseproof paper and frozen them. All I need to do on a big run day is grab one out before I run, and it’ll be ready by the time I return. Genius!

E x


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