Keep on running…

Sorry for radio silence. For those unaware, it’s been a strange couple of weeks at work. From added stress and strain to just shock, it’s had a knock on effect with the rest of my life.

Add to that visitors… and I mean LOTS of visitors. All very welcome, but a steady stream meant it was hard to motivate myself to leave them all for a run, especially after a long day at work – while they’d been enjoying themselves!

And then add in my mum, who moved in with us two weeks ago – until her house is ready in a few months time – and it’s been hard to find a routine.

That said, I’m still running a minimum of three times a week and keeping up my long run. Boring, running geek stuff now, but am up to 11 miles for my weekend long run, with 12 miles to do this Easter weekend. I’ve hit the point where I’m starting to feel a general ache, a lot of the time. Particularly in my knees. Invested in yet another set of knee supports, so we’ll see if they work any better.

The key is definitely to run in between long runs though, as it keeps my legs more supple. That and finding a less hilly route! Last 11.25 mile route nearly killed me as we found one of the most hilly routes around.

Does anyone around here have any longer route suggestions? Happy to either do a loop, or to be dropped off 12 miles from the house and run back?

Keeping on track

My delightful partner is not only doing some of my training with me (he will be, at the very least, starting and ending each day with me, and doing the GNR) but also came up with this chart to keep track of my running!


He also came up with the logo, which I really like and plan to use on my clothing etc further down the line!

E x


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