Kindness of strangers

One of the most moving things with this challenge, and the reason behind it, is the response it provokes from complete strangers.




As you can see, I am still almost six months away from beginning my challenge and yet I am already almost one-tenth of the way towards my goal. That is truly phenomenal considering most people don’t tend to sponsor someone until the event itself.




Perhaps most incredible of all, is how few of my sponsors I actually know. Some I have met through Rach, some I have heard about but others are complete strangers.

This week I got £50 sponsorship from someone who didn’t leave their name or even their email address. Their message simply said that they had read about Heads Up! on Rach’s blog and wanted to donate. Whoever you are: thank you.

It is this kindness and this loyalty and generosity the Turner-Coles inspire which reinforces the reason for doing this.

E x


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