The other day was International Women’s Day.

There are two women who will always remind me of the power and strength within women: my mum and my best friend / sister, Cat. Their silent strength, determination, selflessness and ambition has helped me through most of my life.

However, Rach is my third.

This month is Brain Tumour Awareness month. Instead of hibernating / wallowing / or shutting out the world, Rach has embraced the month. She submitted her story to the Brain Tumour Charity, and agreed to let them put out a press release as part of their awareness raising for the month.

I’ve heard her story many a time now, and yet hearing her in the snippet on radio, rereading her eloquent words, continue to inspire me, astound me and humble me. And I admit, I shed a tear or two.

Few people would face what she has with the courage, dignity and tumour humour displayed by our Rach.

And then I remembered: Ma Rent Turner.

As a mother to watch one child endure a brain tumour must be unthinkable. To watch a second is… something I could never begin to articulate. And yet her own dignity, poise, courage and love is unwavering. It is obvious where Rach gets her strength from, and it is with huge awe that I am proud to call them both friends.

And from there I remembered their friends and family. Those devoted and loyal women stepping up to offer a moment’s peace, a reflection, a laugh, a shoulder to cry on.

And finally, to Jennifer. That bright, beautiful, intelligent little girl is so much like her mother. I am in awe of the woman she will become.

This was just meant to be a quick post about Rach and her inspiring ways, but in reality I think it is a recognition of all women, emerging from the darkness to provide hope.

Thank you

E x


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