Wayne’s World

I was going to begin this with a witty Mike Myers’ quote from the aforementioned film, but somehow ‘babelicious’ or ‘schwing’ didn’t quite fit the bill…

Last week I was lucky enough to have a Skype chat with Wayne Singleton, the man who has offered to give me advice on my training and guidance with route, kit etc.

He was lovely, patient and answered my most ridiculous of questions. It very quickly became clear though, that I’m like Dorothy in Oz: this is not my world, this is Wayne’s World and I need to live by his rules.

Wayne been told off for not eating regularly enough or well enough (crisps and a chocolate bar is not an adequate breakfast/lunch apparently, who knew?) and I need to drink more water. However, his biggest advice has been in running.

Before I go further, I’d better explain that Wayne runs ultramarathons. That is more than one marathon. In a row. For fun. He also runs Jogging Pals, taking people on beginners fell runs and trail runs.

Apparently I need to be running four (and he actually said ideally five but could start by trying four) times a week. Every week. Even if I only do a mile or two on some nights, it is about building up my body’s endurance and ability to cope with regular pressure through my joints and muscles.

I’ve not been great, I have to be honest. The hours I work and my job mean that guaranteeing three runs a week has been a real killer, and even a mile is often a step too far.

However, I am now doing a minimum of 5km (just over 3 miles) on my shorter mid-week runs, and am increasing my other runs to apply pressure. Last Sunday I completed an 8km / 4 mile, and Wayne asked me to aim for 10km to 12km on my longer weekend run this time.

And so, I ran 5km on Tuesday (before work!), followed by 8km on my day off on Friday and then 11km (7 miles) on Sunday. I have discovered that by slowing down my speed and no longer racing myself, I am enjoying the running more and able to run for longer. I think before I was always burning out too early – thinking of the sprint and not the marathon.

That said, 11 miles in three days means the front of my thighs (yes I know it has a name, but I don’t know it!!) ache today…

Gifted myself a lovely day off this evening, complete with glass of red wine. All work an no play makes Emily a very dull girl otherwise!

E x


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