What a start!

After a slightly false start (family bereavement, insane cake-making ideas above my station and work chaos) the Heads Up challenge is well underway.

Firstly thank you so much to the sponsors who stepped up immediately. People normally wait until the last minute to give sponsorship, but your early donation has really spurred me on. I’m going to need all the motivation I can get in the coming months, so anyone else who wants to donate now, please feel free.

On that note, I’ve decided to set myself a £5,000 target. People can raise more than £3,000 for the London marathon and this is surely much harder??

I saw Rach the other week, when she and her beautiful family came to stay at Centre Parcs. It was so amazing for them to just escape from their world, and with radiotherapy over and chemo yet to begin, it was the chance for her to experience things with her children which she’d been missing out on. It’s a constant reminder of why I’m doing this.

Training has started, albeit slowly. I need to increase the time spent on my feet, as well as building up my running distance. On top of that, as I shall be carrying some liquid and food on me (particularly through the hilliest sections, where it might be several hours before I can meet my support vehicle) and will be walking up the steepest parts, I need to build up overall body strength.

I’ve been doing a few shorter runs and some longer fell walks, but decided this weekend was the beginning of the serious work. On Saturday I returned to Carlisle parkrun for the first time in two years. I was with my partner (who will be doing at least parts of the route with me, as well as the Great North Run) who was a parkrun virgin, so we set a slower time. But it was a start – and did involve getting up before 8am on a Saturday.

Sunday brought with it the felling of two trees – my back and arms are feeling it now – while today saw us hiking above Ambleside. Torrential driving rain and gale force winds had us cancel our original 10-mile plan for the Langdales, but we headed up beyond Killick Scar and Wansfell, before taking a convoluted extended route back. It wasn’t a massive distance, but was a steep ascent and diabolical weather, so figure I’m forgiven!

Off to drag my aching body into the bath!



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